Author of "Please Dance at My Funeral: A Celebration of Life"



Judith Haynes is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and a member of the Colorado Center for Hospice and Palliative Care.

“Please Dance at My Funeral: A Celebration of Life” is a product of her desire to bring about an easy-to-read guide that presents end-of-life topics in an informative way. Judith’s message presents the importance of conscious dying while encouraging us to more fully live and honor our lives now.

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Please Dance at My Funeral


This book will:

  • challenge people to think about the final stage of their life
  • motivate people to make decisions now about their future
  • educate people on the importance of communicating about this topic
  • inspire people to really identify and honor who they are
  • encourage people to celebrate their life along the way

Most people in our culture resist talking about death or planning for the end of their life. Many people think they will go along for the ride and leave to fate the final miles of their trip. Do we go to an airport,walk up to any counter, and ask to be put on any plane going anywhere? No. We plan. We visualize. We imagine what the trip will be like, and we take care of the details.

Please Dance At My Funeral: A Celebration of Life helps us prepare to leave this lifetime, whether it is in five months or 45 years from now. This book challenges us to overcome fear and denial, become informed, and to better communicate our wishes. This small book empowers us to make choices, and shows us how to celebrate our life with purpose, love and courage.

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Trisha Hood and Judith at Denver Hospice open house as seen in
March 2011 Denver Magazine.
Image courtesy of Denver Magazine


Joy Jamison discussing book with Judith at Saint Joseph Hospital Community Resources Information and Resource Fair on April 1st.