#%@# Cancer

Cancer is back in our family this month. This is the fourth round in less than as many years. Surgery: more serious than even brain surgery this time. Titanium rods now replace part of the spine deteriorated by previous radiation. How much can a body take? How much can his family take? Yet, he radiates God’s love. Ten days now in the hospital. His staff, friends, and even previous surgeons stop by as if magnetically drawn to his ‘love field.’  His attitude is unwavering in spite of learning to walk again, learning to climb stairs and even dress his underweight-over-six-foot-frame again. His optimism is steadfast. Even when weary he exudes confidence in his progress, surpasses every obstacle, defiant and determined to overcome. Prayers from over the world are daily submitted. One day at a time.  Baby steps. Gratitude for every accomplishment, every successful surgery, every triumph of overcoming each bout of each cancer. Gratitude for a cup of coffee and newspaper one morning as if “normal” might return soon. Gratitude to see photographs of the boys on their first day of school this year—the first year he has not been there, too, to see them off—and be in the photos. Gratitude to hear the boys voices over the phone. Eagerness to have Daddy home again to play video games and laugh together.

When can we all be done with this scourge on healthy lives, on wonderful God minded souls?