December 2014 Newsletter – What Better Time to Honor Each Other

Foods are such a stimulus to the memory senses, from the aroma of pie or cookies coming out of the oven, to Wassail simmering on the stove, or the sight of cookie cutters and delicacies which we know as a tradition from our heritage.

As I am reminded that the best moment for in-season food is now, I think too, that now, in the present moment, is the best time to make memories with our loved ones and friends. Now is the time to appreciate what we have, and who we have in our lives to share our years and days. Now is the time to be together and nurture camaraderie and relationships.

Someone you know may be experiencing the loss of a loved one, the loss of employment, or a challenge of health. The holidays may fall at a time when someone finds their life turned up-side-down. What constant can we look to amidst all the change and chaos?  I think the answer lies with ‘people.’ When we are not alone, when there is even one person to whom we can confide, we tend to have more courage, will and hope.

This morning I tweeted a note that was sent to me by a friend last year at this time. It said, “I am thankful to have the beauty of your soul and your spirit in my life.” I was so honored with these words. How precious it is to acknowledge the treasure we hold in our friendships. How valuable it is to be with that inner stillness, to connect to the thoughts and emotions with which to express the depth of our appreciation for the people in our lives.

How can we truly connect with another? How can we remind ourselves to quiet our mind and mouth long enough to really allow a loved one to not only express themselves, but to then  acknowledge what they have expressed,  letting them know they were heard?

During this holiday of giving, what Gift could be more cherished than to genuinely reflect another’s beauty back to them, as if holding up a mirror to them and letting your respect and affection for them transcend mere words. Making eye contact, holding a hand, giving a heartfelt hug, or sharing a remembrance reaches beyond that which can be bought and wrapped. Acknowledging to another that which expresses, “You have revealed the essence of who you are—your Truth, your Beauty, –and I recognize and honor that about you. In my heart, this is how I have come to know you. This is why you are special to me.”

That which you give, you receive. When you help another see their true essence, their true Truth and Beauty, yours is revealed to you as well.

Wishing you a season of perfect health, the wealth of friends and love,–and a well-lit path for your continued journey.