December Newsletter 2015 – Kick Out the Old; Welcome the New

I have written of Brian Andreas before. I love his cards and pictures. I love his whimsy and perspective on life. I share with you what I think is a reminder for this year leaving, and an invitation to live 2016 more fully.

“  live boldly.

 l a u g h  loudly.

love truly  

play as often as you can.

work as smart as you are able.

s h a r e  your heart as deeply as you can reach.

as you awaken may your dreams greet you by name

and may you answer  “ y e s ! “

as you  w a l k  may angels gather at your shoulders

and may you know they stand with you.

As you rest may all your endeavors

Be rooted in contentment  and  p e a c e. ” – Brian Andreas

Let us embrace whimsy, creativity and spontaneity to help us find peace in our moments. Let us visualize our lives without the chaos, the fear, the drama and trauma. Embrace your desire to do something you have wanted to do, and above all else—be the best you can be to be, and be true to who you are.      This simply isn’t a dress rehearsal.

Happy New Year — Judith