Don’t Save Your Time

I came across a card today that says, “Don’t Save Your Time! Use it for what you love.” Doesn’t that say it all?

I love a little book called The Traveler by Daren Simkin. “Charlie had to spend too much time doing things he didn’t want to do so he packed up all his time in a suitcase and set off to find a better way to spend it. Charlie traveled the world looking for the perfect thing to make him happy…unbeknownst to him, his days ticked away, so that when Charlie stopped traveling and realized what he truly wanted out of life, it was almost too late. Almost.”

Please Dance at My Funeral: A Celebration of Life is like the fable and lesson Charlie demonstrates ― full of stories and inspiration for considering our journey from a different perspective, and for mind-fully living each day with more purpose and courage.

What speaks to you today that yearns to be your priority? What bit of calling can you honor today? Can you take a moment to witness to someone’s joy? Can you take a moment to inspire someone, or to let yourself be inspired by another?

A friend told me this morning she had just learned of a co-worker, a healthy 48 year old runner, who had been found dead of a heart attack. We just never know when our time will run out.

Don’t Save It.