February Newsletter 2015 – Living Engaged and With a Passion for Living

The February blog for the JudithHaynes.com website begins with a reference to Dr. Kelly A. Turner’s book, Radical Remission. In my blog I emphasize our role in our healing, and how our strong beliefs make a difference in our healing process.

Dr. Turner’s final chapter is entitled, Having Strong Reasons for Living.  Here she quotes an American-born energy healer, Josie RavenWing, whose message was like someone tapping my forehead with her pointer finger while looking directly into my eyes and pronounces the following:

“You’ve heard of the Retirement Syndrome or the Empty Nest Syndrome, where people have planned things out in their life only up to a certain point—like retirement or when their children are grown—and they have no more goals after that. What happens a lot of times if they don’t develop [their goals] is that their energy just collapses in on [itself], and often they get ill or they die really soon afterward, at a time when they’re supposed to be light and free and enjoying themselves. “

Wow. She nailed it. It’s tempting to begin to slow down by virtue of a given number assigned to my actual years on earth. But, she nailed it. I have few goals.

Writing my book was one of my “bucket-list” items. Check. Going back to painting was another. Check. I thought the only significant and remaining bucket-list item was to visit France and Italy. Otherwise, I don’t associate this point of my life as the stage for setting goals, which is why I called these “bucket-list items.”

I’ve been conscious of eating right for decades, but the consequences of a sudden and severe illness changed my life, resulting in being even more selective about what goes into my body.  I also became more particular about the company I keep, and how I spend my time.

“You are either engaged and fighting for your life, or you are not.” At a point when I was so ill I did experience hopelessness to the point of giving up. Coming back from that deep ravine took a lot of will power and soul searching. What this woman says about your chi folding in on itself is true. Hopelessness allows that to happen. Questioning whether you still want to breathe on this earth encourages chi to fold in on its self. And what is the point of eating right and exercising if the goal isn’t to be healthier!

Choosing to “remain” isn’t enough.  “You are either engaged and fighting for your life, or you are not.”  One “fight” to come back involved climbing the Colorado Springs/Manitou Incline 17 months ago with my daughters. For me, that was like taking on one of Colorado’s “14-footers.” That was a test to my damaged lungs. A mental demonstration of coming back was a solo road trip and hiking last year. I have since increased my working out to include frequent yoga classes. I took two courses at Denver University last fall – one being Physics—to meet new people and keep my mind keen.  I also began teaching Meditation. I am still working, and regularly enroll in educational webinars in my field to stay informed. I use my time more productively– more often going within, listening to my inner guidance, being in alignment with that chi, that life force, that soul — the core reason for my existence.

But they haven’t set any goals, and so the life force doesn’t have a direction to keep being pulled forward toward something. So, that’s why I say the people who still have strong dreams, strong goals of things that they want to do, and who have a strong desire to be well—those can be powerful factors in a faster healing process.”

I do have a strong desire to be well, and engage in a more thorough and faster healing process.  At this time, I might define that my “goal” is not to live a certain number of years, but to live them more independently, being healthier, and being able to breathe on my own. I want to be able to keep up, even a little bit, with my grandsons, and set an example for my family– being someone who has not given up, but  someone who, against all odds, intends to endure with passion, –and with strong reasons for living.