February Newsletter 2016 – “I’ve Got This” – Trusting in His Word

I don’t often talk directly of spirituality in my blogs and newsletters, but today will be the exception. I put my home up for sale eight days ago. Last weekend there were 31 showings and 5 offers. The offer we accepted was a cash offer, meaning I wouldn’t have much time to find someplace to live as there would be no need to secure a bank loan for the buyer, which usually now takes about 45 days. I was counting on the 45 days to secure a new home. I hadn’t looked previously because I was so busy boxing, sorting, giving away and cleaning to prepare for the showings last weekend. Then the hunt began.

There is such a lack of affordable housing in Denver right now that I felt it was the perfect time to sell. I didn’t realize that actually, most of Colorado cities are going through similar booms making it very competitive to even find available short term rentals. Panic ensued.

Nearly four decades ago, very pregnant with my first child and living in a small one bedroom apartment, my husband and I decided we couldn’t procrastinate any longer to find a two bedroom home of some sort. On a Sunday morning in late April we received our weekly local, small newspaper named the “Silk Town Flyer” which–being way before MLS and internet listings– provided a list of local homes for sale and rent.  Scanning what was available I read one to my husband. It was $25.00 more than we were paying a month for rent — $25 .00 more than we thought we could afford. Twenty-five dollars! That was a lot 40 years ago! He encouraged me to call about the listing. It was a 3 bedroom home with a finished basement. I spoke to the wife who encouraged me to come see the house. They would be out of the country for two years on a job transfer and needed someone dependable to care for their home. She gave me the address and explained I couldn’t miss it—their name was on their garage door. Their name was Gift.  GIFT. God has always had to be very blatant with me when it came to signs and miracles. We lived there for two years. But wait! There’s more! On Monday, the day after we met with the owner (and agreed to rent their home) she called me to say she had received 75 calls inquiring to rent her home. It was as if we were the only people who received a copy of that paper on that Sunday.

I went to church with my family this past Sunday.  I was intent in my prayers to find someplace suitable to live. Just before the service was over I had a message in my head and quickly wrote it on my church bulletin: “It is done. As the days unfold you will witness my love and outworking of my Divine plans.” I stuck the bulletin in my purse.  I checked listings on line, talked to property managers, responded to ads and there were always many people ahead of me being considered for what I wanted. Yesterday morning I was so discouraged. I called my friend who is a realtor and was my neighbor 15 years ago. I confessed to her that I thought I should cancel the contract. She was aghast and explained I could get sued. She calmed me down and gave me encouragement. I got off the phone with her and texted one of the property managers who couldn’t show me a listing on Tuesday. I said I was on my way in the car to see the outside of the property. She texted that she would contact the owner to see if we could get in. In 20 minutes I received a text to meet her there at 1:00.

As I pulled off the highway I got a call from some number I didn’t know. She said she was from such and such church where I had been a member when I first moved to Denver years ago. I told her it wasn’t a good time, but then I softened with curiosity and asked what I could do for her. “I’m just calling to check on how you are doing, and is there any way in which we can support you?” was her reply. I swallowed hard and told her my scenario. At the end she said, “I’m going to put you on our prayer requests right now.” I thanked her very much and asked her to tell me again her name. Her reply was “Karma”. I got goosebumps. I laughed and said out loud, “Karma called to pray for me today.” I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

All the way to my destination, I couldn’t stop smiling. I waved down the street to woman I hadn’t yet met who was waiting for me. We toured the house. I knew I wanted it and we began the process. This morning, less than 24 hours after my meltdown and temporary absence of faith, I was notified it was mine.

“It is done. As the days unfold you will witness my love and outworking of my Divine plans.”

By Judith Haynes–February 26, 2016