January 2017 Newsletter – Welcome to 2017!

A late welcome to 2017!

A great start to the New Year was the March on January 21st. The tremendous world-wide response set the tone for much more than a usual New Year goal setting. The global inspiration speaks to us at a deeper level, for a more substantial commitment, for a more profound consciousness—and for goals that reach beyond just ourselves.

This is the year that speaks to increasing our community consciousness.

This is the year to clarify our truths and insist upon honesty and justice.

This is the year to turn our ears away from falsehoods, and listen for those who are prepared to share real wisdom and knowledge and truth about issues that are critical to us, and those around us.

This is the year to stretch ourselves beyond the typical 6-8 week goal attempts –generally followed by surrender and excuses—and seek ways to remain involved and active to safe guard our lives, the lives of our children, our seniors, our neighbors—and our world.

This is the year to figure out what we can do—even if it takes us out of our comfort zone.

This is the year to consider generosity to people, places and causes we may never have   considered before, but are needs we shouldn’t ignore.

This is the year to stand up, speak out, be brave and get behind what’s right.

This is the year we can no longer assume that the actions happening now are in our best interest, or in the best interest of generations to come. We cannot sit back and assume that justice, love, honesty, consciousness, good judgement and peace among people and nations can take place without our involvement. We just can’t.

We just can’t.