July Newsletter 2016 -Grateful to the Compassionate Others

Recently sorting through previously received letters and cards I came across inspirational words sent to me by a very, very dear friend across the country. She touched my heart with the following message:  “I’m thankful we met along the way and joined the walk, both literally and spiritually. Thank you for reaching out in friendship and grabbing my hand, and for always being a light along the way.”

She also enclosed the following message given by a former pastor:

“As we journey through this life, Lord, we meet along the way certain others whom we join in the walk—some lead us on detours, some along steep and rocky terrain, some reach out and grab our hands to stead our footing; others we grab hold of and direct the way; still others help plot our course while with some we seem to walk backwards.

These walks change the walker, with the endpoint perhaps never clearly set—or perhaps it is the walk itself that is the point. Perhaps, God, you do not even know where we are headed, but it is by our faith in you that we hasten along the way.

When we meet others along the path, let us be as light along dim places, fueled by the very fire you kindle in our bones. When we are met by others, let us be willing and vulnerable enough to grasp hands and be open to the newness of the altered path.

We pray, Lord, for this journey and for those whom we meet along the way. We pray for the courage to persevere along unknown terrain, for sure footing, for a hand to reach out when we stumble, and for strength when others reach out for our hand. Bless those, Lord, who have come and gone along our way and for those fellow travelers with whom we walk alongside now.”              –Pastor Chris Mereschuk, March, 2011

When the path becomes difficult—especially with illness or disease in the family—the love, kindness and prayers of those who have shared our walk, held out their hands to lend us strength and steady our gait, are like gentle rain to a scorched and hurting soul. Forever grateful to the compassionate others who keep us inspired and upright on our journey.