May 2011 Newsletter – Bridging Our Past with Today

You don’t have to be in your 70’s or 80’s to reminisce about your past. It’s easy, among a life that may be filled with stress, time commitments and expectations, to look back on what seemed like quieter days and easier times.  But if we were really given the opportunity to go back a decade, or several decades, would we really find that we were yearning for the entire time frame and all that happened then, or just an aspect of how things were? If we were to isolate what we consider to be the “good old days” would it be more about the pace of our life or about the people who were pertinent to our life at that time?

Each era has its challenges, changes and complications. Historical, economical and social/cultural factors have shaped the people, their behavior and attitude of each era. Things always look “greener” or “better” in a time frame and perspective other than the one that is our current reality. When we are overwhelmed with all that it takes to stay abreast of the situations of the day, it becomes easy to want to at least mentally escape to place where our mind may have experienced more peace.

When we push ourselves to further examine our nostalgic callings, we might find that the longing isn’t just that life was simpler then, but that we had time to do things we wanted to do, and to experience more enjoyment out of life than we are currently. What’s the message then? Slow down. Make some time to do something meaningful and enjoyable for ourselves. If longing for a time that we participated in tom-foolery with best friends, might we be missing those people? Might we be admiring a time in our life when we could act on our sense of adventure? Would a conversation with an old friend help fulfill that longing? Would a competitive card game or day tip without any agenda satisfy a desire to do something out of the norm?

Reviewing our lives and the way we were helps to reacquaint us with the person we were, and the person we have become. Revisiting the stories and memories helps to relive times we felt truly alive. Recalling the “feelings” associated with the memories can be good for us? stirring within us a challenge to reawaken a longing to live today with more energy and vigor, and with a new zest for living each day more fully.