November 2016 Newsletter – Truest Spirit of Our Celebration

It’s nearly December!  Christmas trees, decorating, entertaining and buying presents!  I’ll be ready by the end of the month!  Next month!!!

The end of the year brings up the temptation to squeeze in all we normally have going on each month, and then double our busyness by shopping, wrapping, baking holiday treats, and attending social gatherings.

In our attempt to fulfill every tradition, meet the expectations of those around us, as well as our own, and do every possible holiday activity, we may become too exhausted to even enjoy this special time with the people we love.

When we lean into the child like spirit of the holiday, the Holy days, integrating that which is of necessity, and that which brings balance into our work and our play, we benefit so much more. Allowing ourselves the opportunities to be with the people we enjoy, and do the things we really enjoy doing, we nourish our soul. And, when you nourish the soul, the payback is magnificent. The peace and happiness you derive can in turn better shift your consciousness to others.

This is the month we tend to expand our inward thoughts and outward expression of good will, of a little more caring for others, a little more demonstrating of gratitude to friends, family….and generosity to strangers. This is one month we might give more thought to unity rather than excluding and separating. This is the month we definitely want to be more aware of those moments when we truly are “in the moment”– in the stillness, the magic of the lights, the miracles of our lives, the enhanced mindfulness of compassion and the truest spirit of our celebration.

Peace be in us and in our outreach.  May our visions and intentions be of peace. May we each be lifted to our highest alignment with truth, and through our hearts spread this truth to all.