October 2012 Newsletter – Using Your Gifts—Increasing Your Health

In Please Dance at My Funeral: A Celebration of Life, chapters offer positive messages for conscious choices, and encourages people to celebrate their journey and live each day more fully now. Devoted to educating and speaking on ways to empower people regarding their health and their lives, two years ago I decided it was time to abide by my own advice and no longer procrastinate about something I had on my own “bucket list” — watercolor painting. I’m always encouraging people to not put off what gives them pleasure. I thought painting was something I’d do after retiring; and uncertain about when that may be, I made the commitment to pursue my painting now. Painting brings me much enjoyment and satisfaction, and creativity is always a great balance to many other aspects of our lives.

I’ve gone to a lot of work in the last two weeks to prepare for an art exhibit, of sorts. It’s a minor presentation but has inspired me to put together some of my floral paintings in the form of cards, and to print some of the other paintings to provide in a “bin” for sale.

A friend who excels in photography helped me with matting, applying foam backing and shrink-wrapping the prints. In exhaustion one evening I emailed her: “Why do we do this? Is it for ego?”

My oldest daughter is a “craft-artist,” and when I put this question to her she responded, “No, it’s so we can share our talents. It’s what you are supposed to be doing right now.” She added that we do it for the satisfaction we gain from the creativity—for ourselves.

Erma Bombeck once said, “When I stand before God I would hope that I would not have a bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me.”

Utilizing the right brain in artistic endeavors helps to balance our energy and bodies. We spend so many hours focusing on tasks, demands and goals that we can easily become unbalanced—leaving enjoyable activities on our “someday” to-do lists.

Donna Eden is an excellent source of information when it comes to Energy Medicine and balancing the body’s energies for better health and more joy in our lives. Donna speaks to the second chakra (energetic layers of the body) as follows: “Your navel is at the top of your second chakra, and just as it was once the physical cord that connected you to your mother, it is the energetic cord that still connects you to the pure creative energies that nourish your being. The second chakra is governed by faith and trust in the larger picture. It is artistic in its logic rather than linear…flowing rather than time-bound; the mind or ego isn’t particularly involved, and carrying this openness at the body level produces a healing force.”

Whether playing an instrument, writing, gardening, painting or participating in any activity that takes us out of our left brain and allows us to create, to be free, to be inspired by the vibrations of music or color, or the tactile satisfaction of working in soil or with clay, the result is that of balance to the body. The activities that take us out of overworking the adrenals, to that of relaxation and allowing the functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system, we are promoting wellness physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.