October Newsletter 2015 – Clearing Out What Weighs Us Down

There’s a lot we can benefit from cleaning up and clearing out. I have been cleaning out my office closet. When it comes to closets we can be eager to defend why we have kept a 10 year old article, or copies of old handouts, or an old skirt or coat we haven’t worn in years. But it feels really good to fill up my trash bin, too! In fact, the fuller my trash bin becomes, the lighter I feel.

Clearing out demonstrates our intention to lighten our load that weighs us down.  This load may be significant toxins in our bodies from our diet, or baggage we drag through life filled with victimhood and unforgiveness. Our baggage can bring us down physically, mentally and spiritually. When our home and workplace are clean we no longer feel like a prisoner to the clutter.

Matthew Sanford says, “Being pure with ourselves means we are not afraid of our thoughts or our feelings, and we do not have to hide anything from ourselves. The movie, “Inside-Out,” comes out to buy or rent this week. This is such a great movie for family members to see together as it creates a common language for honest understanding of our emotions, and explains why it is healthy to acknowledge and express them.

Deborah Adele tell us, “Purity requires all of our attention in the moment so that we can go on to the next thing with our full awareness and energy.” She gives an example of her friend with a three-year-old son.  The friend was busy multi-tasking, but her son was trying to get her attention. “Frustrated, he grabbed her face between his hands and said, ‘You’re not recognizing me.’“ This young child reminded his mother, and it reminds us, that everyone, every event, each moment we need to recognize and be present to it as it is. When we slow down and appreciate what is, we are rewarded with the fullness of the experience, instead of the regret for not hearing, seeing, enjoying and living each moment.

As we begin to heave our baggage to the trash, we become lighter, more mentally vibrant, more openly compassionate and fulfilled.

As this will post on October 31st, you might be interested in the Pumpkin Parable as written by Liz Curtis Higgs. She speaks to the symbolism of the pumpkin, purity and light.

Because we have not taken the time to “catch up” with ourselves, we are living on the leftovers of where we have been or the preparations of where we are going. – Deborah Adele