April 2014 Newsletter – Someday, Before I Die …

You may have heard someone say this, or have said it yourself, “Someday before I die…I want to________.”  At some point most of us begin a mental “bucket list” of things we wish to do while we can enjoy the experience.

My mother and father thought they shouldn’t travel away from home as long as my father’s mother was still living (remaining in her own home a half-a-mile away, and lived until her mid-90s) in case he was needed. Then when they did begin traveling it was only a couple of years before mother was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly thereafter—at age 65.

If something you really want to do involves travel, it may mean well planned travel during a vacation period if you are still working;  but if there is something you have always wanted to do, maybe it shouldn’t be put off.

In the movie, The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, they did extensive travel, expensive dining, and in one way or another, were able to check off all of their combined list. Not all of us are as wealthy as Jack in the movie, who made it possible for Morgan to do some things he would not otherwise have done. But not all of the items were about travel. One item was to kiss the most beautiful girl in the world—who (spoiler alert!!!!) turned out to be his young granddaughter he had not before met. Another was to laugh so hard he would nearly die laughing. That was accomplished, too.

There are some items I have checked off my list in recent years—and only two-three items left. I’ve also decided that as circumstances change, some wish list items just don’t hold the magic that they once did—and that’s ok. Our priorities change. My point remains that we don’t have to wait or put off everything we want to do in our life. And very importantly, it is so essential to be ever grateful for our travels and accomplishments, our good health and our blessings, thus far.