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Workshop/Presentation Titles:

Celebrating Your Life

A Summary of My Life with Storytelling

Searching for Pieces of Ourselves

Vantage Point: Living Beyond Our Perspective

The GAP No One Talks About: Talking About the Taboo Questions

Thanksgiving Dessert: A Time for Family Discussions

Holiday Legacies

Completing the Five Wishes

Benefits of workshops, presentations and group discussions: 

  • Provides a safe environment allowing people to freely “think out loud,”
  • challenges and encourages people to consider the later phases of their lives,
  • motivates people to make decisions now about their future,
  • educates people on the importance of communicating about the sensitive topics,
  • inspires people to really identify and honor who they are,
  • and encourage people to celebrate their life along the way with more purpose, love and courage.

About Judith Haynes…

Judith is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and a member of the Colorado Center for Hospice and Palliative Care.

“Please Dance at My Funeral: A Celebration of Life” is a product of her desire to bring about an easy-to-read guide that presents end-of-life topics in an informative way. Judith’s message presents the importance of living each day mind-fully.

Judith has devoted nearly 30 years to educating and speaking on ways to empower people regarding their health and their lives. Helping clients to maintain health and wellness naturally includes discussions about loss, and eventual end-of-life, whether pertaining to the client, or to the client’s family members.

Through the years Judith has taught various courses and given lectures about health and motivational topics, including her most recent topic, Keys to Your Empowerment: How to Be In the Driver’s Seat In Your Life! More than 25 years ago she began presenting to hospice nurses the importance of touch for patients; she has spoken at women’s conferences on the topic of Empowering Yourself for Better Health; and she has given many classes on health topics. She currently offers courses complementing the important issues highlighted in Please Dance at My Funeral.

Judith’s presentations are highly regarded by health care practitioners who praise her insights. She has been a volunteer with hospices. She created the Colorado branch of the National Organization of Chronic Pain Outreach Support Groups, has served on a board for pastoral counseling, and holds certification from the International Academy of Bio-energetic Practitioners in Bioenergetic Medicine.


“I bought your book about six weeks ago. I have read your book twice through and am very much taken by your expressive and intuitive common sense writing. Your book is one of the most meaningful and eye opening books I have ever read.  I think it should suffice to say I am very moved. It is definitely a book everyone should read.”  

“Judith is very empathetic with people and listens to what is going on in their lives. She meets people where they are, and is emotionally available when someone is experiencing a loss or hardship.”

“Sharing my thoughts and feelings with others in a group setting encouraged me to actually work through my fears, and address my wishes regarding my own death. Because I felt safe in our church group, I was able to participate in discussions and voice my most personal thoughts about death. I have never been able to discuss these topics with anyone else before.”

“You need to really participate with an open mind to get the most out of a discussion group on this topic.  The exercises and homework journaling are so important. When you examine your thoughts honestly, the answers are very revealing and provoking.”

“I came away from the group with the vital reminder that life is short. I’m forty, and healthy, but the book questions have motivated me to do what I need to do, say what I need to say now — and to forgive, and let go, and love.”