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bookWhat if there is a way to come to the end of our days, regardless of age, with no regrets? What if it is possible to experience our end-of-life without suffering? What if we felt free to share our heart-held feelings and wishes with family and friends now so if any day were our last, our hearts would be lighter and we would know a sense of completion?

Please Dance at My Funeral is a small, unintimidating reference encompassing important information that addresses each of these questions. Many people think they will go along for the ride and leave the final miles of their journey to chance. From an early age we plan for every aspect of our lives. Isn’t it reasonable to consider that we would find relief in consciously preparing for our leaving process as well?

The contents of Please Dance at My Funeral are presented in a warm and gentle approach discussing grief, fear, courage and the most meaningful facets of our lives.

Whether we live another five months or 45 years, we can empower ourselves with planning, communication and preparedness. Doing so allows us to experience a sense of acceptance and peace of mind for ourselves, and for our family and friends. Communicating about end-of-life topics is so important, and yet clearly avoided. One of the most challenging features of nearly any aspect of living is the ability to communicate well. This book is full of stories that readers may identify with, and serves to encourage the reader to reflect and share not only their own stories, but to also express their final wishes to loved ones.

Throughout Please Dance at My Funeral, equal emphasis is given to the concept of conscious living as is given to understanding the notion of conscious dying. When we reflect upon our life as a celebration of living, a celebration of accumulated wisdom and experiences, loves and relationships, we become mindful of our life in a perspective we have seldom allowed ourselves before.

Please Dance at My Funeral provides a gracious approach to the emotions, the avoidance, and the reflecting and final acceptance of a long taboo topic. The nine chapters in this book are entitled: The Conscious Journey; No Time for Silence; Honoring Our True Self; Let It Go; Fear, Grief and Courage; Taking Care of Business; What Am I Waiting For?; Community and Remembrances; and Transformation.

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