"As a financial estate planning attorney, I know the importance of planning for life and for the end of life. Judith's materials, presented in a very soothing style, will help you be prepared throughout your life. When you are prepared, you will not fear."

Jeffrey R. Young Financial and Estate Planning Attorney

“I’m going to visit my Mom and give a copy of your book to her. I think there are a lot of things that you have addressed that she has been unwilling or unable to think about…this will help her.”

Carol Fisher

“I remember reading a hospice book when Mom was ill and appreciated how simple it was. This one gives depth ― it should be in our library."

Nurse at Mayo Clinic Rochester, NY

“Great little handbook for everyone to have in their life medicine chest.”

Wilma Dunias

"I finished reading your book today. I think you did a wonderful job of keeping it simple and short yet including many profound thoughts and deep and necessary considerations. Thanks you for writing it."

Carol Fisher

"Having just read Judith Haynes' book Please Dance At My Funeral, I was in awe at the insightful wisdom and much needed knowledge given on living our lives to the fullest each day and celebrating each moment as a gift! I enjoyed her exercises on learning how to prepare not only ourselves, but our love one's for our final journey.
I have worked in hospice and cared for both my parent's during their deaths. The truths given in Judith's book, I know from experience, are greatly needed in our society. I highly recommend the reading of Please Dance At My Funeral."

Judy Jackson RMM, CMA, CPT

"You never know when death will affect you. We always think it is something that we don't have to think about until much later in life. This book helps to understand the emotions that accompany this very real process."

Kathy Appleton

"Dear Judith. I bought your book about six weeks ago. I have read your book twice through and am very much taken by your expressive and intuitive common sense writing. Your book is one of the most meaningful and eye opening books I have ever read.  I think it should suffice to say I am very moved. It is definitely a book everyone should read."

L. Dubois

"After reading Judith Haynes' book, Please Dance at My Funeral: A Celebration of Life, I was moved to have an open conversation with my mother pertaining to her death and the end of life. It was so helpful to know that the end of life does not have to be all doom and gloom, but rather it can be a joyous occasion. While I am certain I will be saddened upon her passing, I believe it can also be peaceful knowing that I listened to her desires and was able to fulfill them to the best of my ability."

Jen Mann

“I recommend people of all ages read this book. Please Dance At My Funeral contains a wealth of information and wisdom. Even if someone has already made their plans, it provides a helpful check list, and possibly new information for their consideration and use.”

David Ferguson

"End-of-life decisions is a topic that is important to each and every one of us. While this topic is not always easy to talk about, this book offers practical suggestions to help you speak with your loved ones on vital issues. For those who haven't given thought to such matters, this will be very enlightening. The reader will find this helpful to them, and the book could also be used in a group setting. I really liked the reminders that we need to be respectful of the elderly and those nearing the end of life."

Carolyn DeZeeuw

"This book is long overdue and a much needed guide for all of us. Please Dance at My Funeral gives us a way to graciously approach our children and friends--and provide answers to fulfill our future wishes. That is a gift! This book is a great resource to encourage a continuation of that fulfillment for generations to come."

Trisha Hood Author and Entrepreneur

“As a young mother of small children, it seems reasonable to deny that premature death could occur. This book helped me realize that, although my husband and I are young parents, no one is exempt from the possibility. Realizing now the important decisions which need discussed, I feel more knowledgeable and empowered.”

Jen Noelle

“Having been a Hospice nurse for many years, I have cared for the dying, and for their families and friends. The book content, as well as Judith’s simple, creative exercises at the end of the chapters, will be helpful to patients and their families at this sensitive time. The chapters also speak to each of us about how to live our lives more fully.”

Jean Pexton